Now, readers, this author decided to cause this reviewer all kinds of angst and drama with these books. I’m not complaining. Nasty was the follow-up story to another story and a couple we met in Naughty. Phalin and Seth took center stage this time, and their story was straight up naughty with a whole lot of sexy vibes. There were some very intimate moments when Seth and Phalin came face to face with one another, and sparks flew. They started their relationship as friends with benefits, and then it changed into a whole lot more. There’s no imaginable way things would be reasonable with the inferno building between them. The sensual moments fit well into the framework of the story. The backstory was well-developed and the author explained the situation quite eloquently. The dialogue and the character’s connection made me believe in their chemistry. The characters were crisp with entertaining conversations. Phalin’s persona gave the independent woman a great look and vibe. Her expressiveness in her manner shone through within their dialogue. Seth was sexy and satisfyingly delectable to read about in this rendition. Reader’s might recall meeting these two in Naughty-An Erotic Christmas Novella. It was also hybrid hot and worth the hotness label I’ve come to expect from this storyteller. Their story was an emotional rollercoaster and worth every word. This intense story was worthy of five stars with a shout out to a super sexy storyline. 5 Stars!

Review – Nasty: An Erotic Spin-off (Erotic Series Book 2), by Sabrina B. Scales

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