In this story, the author penned a sexy story with a steaminess too. The minute Lynnae and Rahmir became involved, their relationship is forbidden from their point of view. Rahmir was older and the best friend to Lynnae’s older brother which made the relationship off limits. Their undercover dalliance spanned a few years unbeknownst to her brother. Although this was a short story, the steamy sex is covered very well in the story. Maybe a little more dialogue would’ve been nice. Even with all the sex, it was easy to see how much the couple enjoyed one another. The backstory with her brother could’ve gone all the way south, and it was nice to see things turn out different. Overall, the story was very hot, the characters visible, and the content of the story relatable. In the next part of the story hopefully, the author will give readers more of the backstory with the couple and then move forward. Others might disagree with this assessment, and that’s their right to disagree. The points of the story met most of the criteria to be a good read for a steamy novella. It was definitely his. I rated the story 4 stars. I’m waiting to see what’s next for this author.

Review – Tell Me Its Mine: A Naughty Novella, by A. Marie Johnson

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