The second book in this series was equally as easygoing with lowkey goodness spanning the story. In this story, the premise was a year-long couple’s relationship was at a crossroad. Khalila Skyer was a Jamaican citizen who’d found her way to love with her man Douglas Blythe, a Miami resident, and business traveler. Khalila was nearing a certain age and was ready to hear the pitter-patter of little feet. The difference in their situation was Douglas already had nearly out of the house kids and wasn’t ready to start over. The thing that irritated me most was the way Douglas handled her feelings about her needy desires.
Their commitment to one another was full-fledged love, and it was a beautiful thing to see. But there was the side where it seemed like Douglas was playing with Khalila’s feelings after they married when he always tried to keep her off the subject she wanted desperately to talk about. The fact they lived miles apart and the couple had a slight disconnect problem caused a good bit of worry about their relationship changing. As expected, the drama surrounded an ex. Douglas’ ex-wife was super crazy, and she had her teenage daughter acting just as neurotic. Both mother and daughter just needed an open-handed slap. The ex-wife had never moved on with her life, so it was obvious she worked hard to drive a wedge between them. Before the story ended, their relationship made a full circle, and the story concluded with a happily ever after for now. The story had a warm and fuzzy feeling, much the same as in the first book.

Review – The Heart of Things (In Medias Res Book 2), by JL Campbell

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