B. Love has made a mark on the indie community with an extensive collection of works and a fantastic group of writers under her BLP umbrella. The part that captivates my attention is the fact this author produces the same level of stimulating materials that she oversees in her production company.
In this story, the title, Thief was part of the broader story. The characters were vivid, and the story thoroughly enthralling. The story exposed that Luca was an absolute thief; he calculatedly stole from Riana something she would never need to regain. In time, she gave it freely. I’m not sure why I didn’t find this man repulsive. Luca was not always a genuine person, and it took a bit of patience to understand Riana’s tolerance for his behavior. Riana was a victim of his charm and his greed for her. Luca Kareem and Riana Santee had not been in contact with one another for many years, but when they reconnected, he was a changed man emotionally. Riana had the chance to seek revenge for Luca’s past acts, but she took another path, much to my understanding. Love is patient. Love can be all-consuming. Love can be a thief. Luca learned he was not invincible where Riana was concerned. She stole his heart like a thief in the night.

Review – Thief, by B. Love

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